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Noche de Cine – a Night at the Cinema – on Friday, May 6th, was a huge success! Thanks to the partnership between The Center and the Consulado de México en Las Vegas, over 50 people attended to watch an LGBTQIA-themed movie that celebrates diversity in our community.

Winner of the Audience Award for best documentary in the Morelia International Film Festival in its 3rd edition, “Muxes: Authentic, intrepid and danger seekers” by Alejandra Islas shows, through interviews and research, the life of a group of mestizo indigenous homosexuals from Juchitán, Oaxaca, who defend diversity while preserving their cultural identity as Zapotecs. The community experiences acceptance and rejection, partying and loneliness, love and misunderstanding with an attitude that demonstrates their strength and pride.

Thanks to the Mexican Institute of Cinematography for providing the movie, and the sponsorship of Back Bar USA and 911 Tacos and Bar, it was more than a movie night. It also was a time for reflection, friendship, and dinner!

The Consulate is proud of the partnership with The Center, and we are looking forward to continuing to connect with the LGBTQIA+ community and serving them better.