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QVolution’s first ever zine is complete!

What’s a zine? A zine is a short form magazine with art and written works created by people in the community for people in their community!

All LGBTQ+ creators between the ages of 13-25 were able to submit their work for this zine. The topic for the first edition was LGBTQ+ Identities. We posted this call for art to our Instagram @qvolutionlv:

“We want to celebrate how everyone in the LGBTQ+ community has different experiences with finding a label that fits their identity. Did you find a label that filled you with joy the first time you came across it and never look back? Or did it take you some time to find a label? Did you go from one label to the next? Are you still figuring things out? Regardless of where you are in your journey, now is your chance to create some art or written works about your personal experiences with labels. As long as what you create has to do with your feelings and your journey of being part of the LGBTQ+ community, it’s a good fit for the zine!”

Thank you to all of the LGBTQ+ creators who contributed to this project! Thank you for sharing your lived experiences with us! And most of all, thank you for being you. I hope you continue to create works of art about your lived experiences.

Zine’s are $5 each with all proceeds going directly to youth programming at The Center.

To purchase, please email Percy, Youth Resource Specialist, at He will help you purchase and mail the Zine to you.