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Hello, we are the Center Advocate Network! We are here for you!

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The LGBTQ+ Community Center of Southern Nevada (The Center) announces the release of its new Center Advocacy Network 24/7 Victim Hotline, a resource for all victims of crime. Staffed 24/7 with an army of CAN trained and certified volunteer advocates, the hotline assists victims of crime in obtaining resources and services.

As the social impact of COVID-19 isolation spreads, our communities will continue to see an increase in crime–everything from domestic violence, assault, elder abuse or neglect, identity theft, to sexual assault and burglary. The Center’s hotline provides a way for victims of crime to connect to a volunteer advocate for assistance in locating the right services.

“It has been a long-term goal of The Center to launch a victim hotline to serve our community,” said Holly Reese, Community Engagement Manager for The Center. “After years of training and certifying over 125 advocates, we are now able to staff a virtual call center at a time when Las Vegas needs us most.”

The Center Advocacy Network (CAN) is one of two Nationally Credentialed victim advocacy training programs in Nevada and the only Nationally Credentialed advocacy program in the United States to specialize in LGBTQ issues.

The Hotline is the latest extension of The Online Center, a suite of online resources The Center has launched in response to the statewide Stay Home For Nevada initiative.

“Since March 17 when Governor Sisolak announced statewide stay-at-home orders, The Center has remained available to our patrons and to our community,” said John Waldron, Executive Director of The Center. “The Center’s doors remain open for essential services, but all group events have moved to The Online Center for Zoom-hosted group events. The staff continues to work from home and manage day-to-day programming.”

In addition, The Center has been participating in the Delivering with Dignity meal delivery service. Over 10,500 meals have been delivered to at-risk individuals and families that lack the funds and resources to obtain basic nutrition. Meals are prepared daily at The Center by Jolt Coffee Co. who is one of the participating restaurants in the Delivering with Dignity program.

The Online Center, and The Center Advocate Network 24/7 Victim Hotline Virtual Call Center were developed in conjunction with The Center’s technology partner, The Charity Gurus. The Center Advocacy Network and Hotline is supported by the Nevada State Division of Child and Family Services through Grant Number 2018-V2-GX-0076 from VOCA Victim Assistance funding.