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Linda Alterwitz

In the realm where art and medicine intersect, Linda Alterwitz emerges as a beacon of exploration and connection. A multi-disciplinary artist, Alterwitz delves into the depths of human experience, using photography and interactive methods to challenge perceptions and foster dialogue. Through her project "Injection Site: Making the Vaccines Visible," Alterwitz provides a profound glimpse into the nuanced relationship between individuality, collective humanity, and medical intervention.

Alterwitz's artistic journey is guided by curiosity and a desire to redefine visibility. With a focus on the unseen rhythms of the human body and its connection to the natural world, she navigates the complexities of breath, electrical impulses, disease, and emotions. Her work transcends mere representation, seeking to evoke beauty, complexity, and mystery while inviting viewers to contemplate themes of boundaries, community, and vulnerability.

"At a time when societal divides seem insurmountable, I aim to highlight the raw humanity that unites us," says Alterwitz, reflecting on the essence of her artistic endeavors.

The genesis of "Injection Site" stems from Alterwitz's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Utilizing a high-resolution thermal camera, she captured the reactions of over 170 individuals to the vaccine, transforming scientific data into ethereal portraits. These images, far from being clinical records, serve as poignant reflections on individuality and the impact of medical interventions on our bodies.

Expanding the scope of her project beyond COVID-19, Alterwitz began documenting participants who received various vaccines, igniting conversations about public health, personal choice, and collective responsibility. Through exhibitions, public talks, and community outreach programs, she extends the reach of her work, fostering interdisciplinary dialogues and mutual understanding.

"I see art as a catalyst for change," Alterwitz remarks, highlighting the transformative power of creative expression in addressing societal challenges.

Recognizing the significance of her contribution, Healthy Communities Coalition, Nevada, awarded Alterwitz the Individual Artist Grant for "Injection Site." Her work now finds resonance in diverse settings, including venues serving the LGBTQ+ community, where it serves as a catalyst for educational programming and dialogue about vaccines and care.

Moreover, Alterwitz's impact extends beyond the gallery walls, as a book detailing her project finds a place in the permanent collections of prestigious institutions such as UNR, UNLV, Getty Museum, LACMA, and Nevada Museum of Art.

In the hands of Linda Alterwitz, art becomes a bridge between the visible and the unseen, inviting us to reimagine our connection to one another and the world around us. Through her lens, we glimpse the profound truths that bind us as human beings, reaffirming our shared journey of resilience and compassion.

Injection Site: Making the Vaccines Visible is now on display at The Center. Included in the 24-panel installation are thermal photographs of participants’ arms after having a vaccine. The time after having a vaccine ranges from 20 minutes to 30 days.