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Welcome to our Community Engagement page
The Center works every day to connect with our community through our programs, services, and outreach. We offer many opportunities for organizations or individuals to engage with us including volunteering, partnerships, sponsorships, and donations. We invite you to get involved and learn more on how you can become the heart of the Center. Help us deliver the programs and services the LGBTQIA+ community and our neighbors need.

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Do you have a child that identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer?
PIVOT (turning points for LGBTQAI+ children and families is a program created and facilitated by The Center. The goal of PIVOT is to provide a SAFE SPACE that provides community education and support for every member of the family.

Join us, groups are free at meet at The LGBTQIA+ Center (401 S. Maryland Pkwy., Las Vegas, NV 89101). Groups run for 6 consecutive weeks. You must sign up to participate,. Family participation is encouraged. Youth may NOT join without active participation of a caregiver.

Switch Clothing Program
"We provide a comfortable and easily accessible way to access clothing and cosmetics to express oneself authentically through fashion," says Vanessa Gotti, at The Center.

Although primarily to serve trans, genderqueer, gender nonconforming, and intersex community, the Switch Closet is open to all at no cost. It is supported by donations of brand-new or gently used articles of clothing and cosmetics.

The Center has cared for, championed, and celebrated LGBTQIA+ individuals and underserved populations in Nevada for more than 25 years. It operates as a neighborhood resource for the valley's LGBTQIA+ community, area residents, veterans, people with disabilities, and the transient homeless population.

Switch is open Thursdays and Fridays only from 3pm-5pm at The Center. To make a private appointment or to find out addititional information about Switch, drop us a note here. Gently used and clean clothing donations are accepted 10am-7pm Monday through Friday at the front desk. Please note that when making a donation of undergarments they must be in original unopened packaging.

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Center Advocacy Network National Hoteline (833) 740-0500 or (702) 745-4600 in Nevada
The Center Advocacy Network emmpowers victims of interpersonal or domestic violence through confidential and non-judgmental support, education, resources and LGBTQAI+ supporting referrals to on and off-site agencies. We help our clients further by offering assistance with filing a protection order, calling social services on behalf of a client, helping a family member or partner of a victim/survivor find resources as well. Call us for support today!

Did you know that LGBTQAI+ people are nearly four times more likely to be victims of a violent crime? LGBTQAI+ Are 92% more likely to think about suicide, 75% more likely to plan suicide and 88% more likely to actually attempt suicide; 30% of LGBTQAI+ youth have attempted suicide in their lifetimes.

We've trained over 100 advocates within the community to help protect LGBTQAI+ people, join us today!

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