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Pivot is a free 6 week program that meets on Wednesday’s from 6-7:30 pm at The Center. We typically have 3-4 sessions a year. Our Pivot program is for parents/caregivers to become better equipped with the tools to affirm the LGBTQ+ youth in their lives.

The way it is set up is that all participants, facilitators, and therapists are together for the first and sixth weeks of the program. Then, during the second through fifth weeks, we have the adults, facilitators, therapists in one room and the youth together with different facilitators and therapists in another room. We have found that this gives both the adults and the youth the opportunity to ask questions/vocalize any concerns they may have, in a safe space.

We encourage parents/caregivers as well as their LGBTQ+ identifying youth to participate, but parents/caregivers can attend on their own if the youth does not wish to attend.

Note: Filling out this form DOES NOT sign you up for Pivot. Once you complete this form, someone from The Center will reach out to you via email/phone number to confirm your attendance.