Room Usage Policies

General Guidelines

The Center is committed to providing numerous programs and services in a safe and supportive environment for the LGBTQ community of Nevada. Additionally, The Center makes space available for a variety of purposes, including support, socializing, activism, organizing, networking and rehearsing.

The Center’s facilities staff are responsible for processing and executing requests to use available space and equipment. A completed Room Usage Application must be submitted to request a meeting space. The room should not be considered officially booked until a confirmation email is received from The Center (with the room choice and all applicable fees agreed upon by both parties) and a 10% deposit has been submitted.

All groups and individuals utilizing Center space must agree to abide by the policies described below.

Event Management

A representative in charge of an event, as indicated in the Room Usage Application, is responsible for communication and coordination with The Center before and during an event on Center property. This person must check in with the front desk upon arrival and remain available should any further needs arise before, during or after the event. Any questions or concerns of the representative should be addressed with the front desk staff. Following an event, the representative must notify the front desk that the event has ended and the space has been cleared. At this time, any further necessary actions or needs, such as proper housekeeping, will be addressed.


The Center’s Patron Code of Conduct should be abided by all visitors to Center property. Anyone disobeying this policy may be asked to leave the building. If anything inappropriate is witnessed by another Center visitor, the front desk staff should be notified immediately.

Organizers of events held at The Center are responsible for maintaining order and control of the event and its attendees. If an attendee is disruptive and will not willingly leave the event, the front desk should be notified so appropriate action may be taken.

In the case of fire or other emergency, event representatives must assist Center staff in efficient evacuation of all event attendees.


Event organizers and representatives are responsible for ensuring events conclude and the space is restored to its pre-event condition by the time the reservation period ends, including the following:

  • Place all trash in provided receptacles. Notify front desk if additional bags are needed.
  • Remove or discard any materials that were brought from the outside for your event.
  • Pour all liquids in a bathroom or janitorial sink; cans must be emptied before thrown away.
  • Remove personal belongings and turn unclaimed belongings into the front desk.
  • Do not tamper with fire extinguishers, thermostats, lights or other such equipment.

Furniture and Equipment

The various meeting spaces at The Center are furnished with different amounts and types of furniture and equipment. Our board and conference rooms have a fixed configuration of tables and chairs, with an LCD TV and erasable marker board in each room. Our Event Hall can be used as a single large room or divided into as many as six individual rooms, configurable as needed with tables and chairs in such arrangements as boardroom, theater, or banquet style. Tables and/or chairs will be set up by Center staff prior to event time, arranged as requested on the Room Usage Application.

A video projector (with HDMI, VGA, S-video and composite connections) may be rented from The Center, with either a wall-mounted or portable screen available, depending upon room arrangement. A portable microphone and speaker system is available to rent in situations when it would not disturb other meetings in progress. Also available are a portable dance floor and stage, each of which may be configured to your desired size.

The use of any outside equipment, such as audio equipment or staging, requires approval from The Center five (5) business days prior to its use in our facility.

The Center reserves the right to charge an event organizer for repair or replacement of any Center-owned furniture or equipment that is damaged or lost during the rental period.


All decorations to be used during an event at The Center must be approved by The Center in advance. Nothing may be affixed to (or near) light fixtures. No nails, tacks, pins or screws are allowed whatsoever. Only painters or gaffers tape may be used to affix streamers, banners and so forth. Smoke/fog machines, confetti, glitter and open flames are prohibited. All balloons must be popped before leaving the event space or disposed of properly in The Center’s outside dumpsters.

Tobacco, Food and Beverages

The Center is a smoke-free campus, and all smoking must be done on the public sidewalks along the surrounding streets. Food and non-alcoholic beverages may be consumed during an event but the organizer absolutely must abide by the housekeeping rules above. Alcoholic beverages require advance permission and city licensing (special event permit), and such drinks must be consumed within the designated event space only. Absolutely no alcohol may be given to any minor by event organizers or attendees.

Changes in Room Assignment

If The Center has many simultaneous events booked, it may be necessary to re-assign meeting spaces based on attendance or other factors. The “Today’s Events” screen in the lobby will always list which activities are assigned to which rooms and their event start time.

Fees and Payments

All fees charged for the usage of space or equipment at The Center are due on or before the day of the event, prior to start time. Payment must be made by cash or credit/debit card only. A receipt will be provided upon request.

The Center may require deposits as it deems necessary, refundable or non-refundable, as outlined in the Room Usage Application. These deposits may be required for such reasons as cleaning, to guarantee a booking, or to have Center staff and security on-site outside normal business hours.


Clients entering into Room Usage Applications with The Center indemnify and hold harmless The Center and its agents and employees from any and all claims for damages or injuries to persons or property arising during the period covered in the Room Usage Application. In certain circumstances, and at the sole discretion of The Center, a Certificate of Insurance naming The Center as additional insured may be required as a condition of space provision.


Groups or organizations meeting at The Center may not use The Center’s name, address or telephone number as their official address or contact information. Our name and address may be used only as the location of an event. The Center’s logo may be used only by permission. Email [email protected] to request the current logo and send copies of any promotional materials for approval. All such materials must also include this line: “The Center does not necessarily advocate or endorse the viewpoints of meetings or meeting room users.”

Right of Refusal

The Center reserves the right to decline any individual, group or organization’s Room Usage Application at its own discretion.

Legal Terms & Conditions

Indemnification — Individuals, groups or organizations meeting at The Center (“Licensee”) agree to defend, indemnify and hold The Center, its officers and employees (the “Indemnified Parties”) harmless from any and all liability, claims, demands, damages, losses, judgments, costs, fines, penalties, interest or expenses including, without limitation, reasonable attorney fees and court costs (collectively the “Claims”), for (i) any injury or wrongful death to any person (including, without limitation, any attendees at the event) or damage to any property resulting from or arising out of the event, (ii) any use of The Center by the Licensee, or (iii) any material breach by the Licensee of the provisions of this agreement. For each and every claim brought against the Indemnified Parties, or any of them, the Indemnified Parties shall promptly notify the Licensee in writing, and the Licensee shall immediately assume the defense or payment of such Claims, with counsel reasonably satisfactory to the Indemnified Parties. In the event that the Licensee fails to provide such defense, the Indemnified Parties, and each of them, shall have the right, but not the obligation, to defend against the Claims, and to charge the cost thereof to the Licensee.

Right of Termination — The Center may terminate this Agreement if the Licensee fails to perform any of its obligations under this Agreement. Upon termination of this Agreement for whatever reason, Licensee agrees to promptly remove, at Licensee’s expense, all of its property from The Center within 24 hours and to forfeit all advance payments made to The Center for use of the site. In the event of failure to evacuate, The Center may reenter and take possession of the site, remove all persons therefrom, and seek any legal proceeding, if necessary, to obtain such possession. Any cost incurred by The Center in recovering possession of the site, including reasonable attorney fees and court costs, shall be paid by the Licensee.

Force Majeure — Neither The Center nor the Licensee shall be liable for failure to comply with the provisions of this Agreement if such failure is caused or due to the acts or regulations of public authorities, labor difficulties, civic tumult, strike, epidemic, acts of God/Goddess, or any cause beyond the control of The Center or the Licensee.

Center Policy — The Licensee agrees to observe and abide by all of The Center’s policies concerning the use of space therein, including, without limitation, 1) all conditions set forth in The Center’s Room Usage Policies; and 3) The Center’s Code of Conduct.

Compliance with Laws — The Licensee shall comply with all laws of the United States and the State of Nevada, all ordinances of the City of Las Vegas and Clark County, and wherever applicable, all rules and regulations of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the City of Las Vegas Deputy City Marshals and the City of Las Vegas Fire Department. The Licensee will not suffer or permit any activity at The Center in violation of such laws, ordinances, rules, regulations, policies or other criteria referred to herein. The Licensee shall be responsible to provide readily achievable access to the Event and provide auxiliary aids to anyone in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Assignment Prohibited — Neither this Agreement, nor any of the rights granted herein unless as otherwise provided in this Agreement, may be assigned by the Licensee without the written consent of The Center.

Legal Notices — All legal notices required pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be in writing, unless an emergency situation dictates otherwise. Any notice required to be given under the terms of this Agreement shall be deemed to have been given when received by the party to whom it is directed by personal service, hand delivery, traceable courier, facsimile with confirmation of transmission, or U.S. mail via certified mail-return receipt requested at the following addresses:

If to The Center:
The Center
Michael Dimengo
401 S. Maryland Pkwy.
Las Vegas, NV 89101

If to the Licensee:
The Billing Address listed on the Room Usage Application.

Waiver — Waiver of any of the terms of this Agreement shall not be valid unless in writing and signed by each party. The failure of The center to enforce any of the provisions of this Agreement shall not in any way be construed as a waiver of such provisions or affect the validity of any part of this Agreement or to affect the right of The Center to thereafter enforce each and every provision of this Agreement. Waiver of any breach of this Agreement shall not be regarded as a waiver of any other or subsequent breach of this Agreement.

Policy Section Headings — The section and subsection designations in The Center’s Room Usage Policies are inserted for the purpose of convenience and ready reference. They do not limit, by such designation, a harmonious interpretation of the Agreement, when read as an integrated document.

Integration — This Agreement represents the entire and integrated agreement between the parties. It supersedes all prior and contemporaneous communications, representations, and agreements, whether oral or written, relating to the subject matter of this Agreement.

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