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Turning Points for LGBTQ Children and Families

Starting March 28, 2018

Pivot is a facilitator-led 6 week program at The Center for LGBTQ children and their families.  Pivot is designed to support both the caregivers and the dependent by providing counselor-led support, education and community to ensure healthy outcomes. Pivot will meet each week in two rooms with two facilitators. One room will be for the kids, the other room for the adults in their lives who care for them.  Every 6 weeks, both groups will meet together as a family to grow and support eachother.

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“I am so very glad I attended the Pivot Program for and with my grandchild. While I always felt non-judgmental, it was hard to accept and understand transgender identity. The program provided facts and information that helped me “see” what I wasn’t able to see before and to support my grandchild more easily.”

Grandmother of Trans-Identified Teen


“The first week of this program, I was afraid to go outside. Now that it’s over, not only do I have courage to go to school, I can wear whatever I want. I’m closer to my parents, and I can come home and know that I’m safe. I personally recommend Pivot.”

13 Year Old Trans-Identified Young Person


“This group helped bridge the gap between my mother and I. It also helped me find like-minded teenagers who went and are going through similar things.”

Trans-Identified Young Person


“I learned a lot from this group. All the facilitators are great and very knowledgeable. I learned how to communicate better with my child and have a deeper understanding of what they’re going through. I’m grateful I was able to participate in this group. I’m also grateful that I met other parents that are going through the same thing.”


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