An Open Letter to The Heidi Harris Show

Sep 20, 2017

By Joe Oddo Jr., Vice President of the Board of Directors

An Open Letter to The Heidi Harris Show

Hello The Heidi Harris Show, it’s your local LGBTQ Center here in Southern Nevada. We saw you deleted your original post and your follow up post about liberals trying to censor you.

We don’t want to censor you, that’s not what this country is about. We invite you to come down to The Center and sit down with us to educate yourself on what you typed about.

We invite you to speak to our President Emeritus, who with his husband, adopted a beautiful baby and is giving him an amazing life and and is one of the happiest babies we know. We invite you to come speak to the Vice President of our Board, who with his husband, adopted two preteen siblings from the foster care system who were abused and neglected by heterosexuals for over six years; the kids are now living the life they deserve. We invite you to come speak to our Executive Director, who used to work for the Clark County Department of Family Services screening foster parents and being an advocate for LGBT parents and youth. We invite you to talk to our Program Manager, who, thanks to Board Member and State Assemblyman Nelson Araujo and #AB99 is tirelessly training inclusion and love to foster parents so LGBT youth have a fair chance at love.

Again Heidi, we believe at our core that our souls all desire one thing: love. We are extending an invitation to you, come and meet people who have saved the lives of children and not just speak to those who fear what they don’t understand.


Joe Oddo Jr.
Vice President of the Board of Directors
The Center


Miguel Martinez-Valle from FOX5 Las Vegas paid a visit to our Vice President, Joe Oddo Jr and his family to discuss The Heidi Harris Show post, her termination from CBS Raido and same sex adoption. We even get a chance to hear and see their kids. THIS matters, LGBT families matter and we will always advocate for you! Check out the story and know we always got your back!

For information on becoming a Foster/Adoptive parent visit Clark County Family Services Adoption page. Love is Love and they need us all

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