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Welcome to our Transgender and Intersex Resource Page!
Here you will find groups, projects, resources, and more, pertaining to gender identity and being intersex. Come have a chat with us in one of our groups, get some assistance with changing your name and/or gender marker, donate or pick up some clothes from our Switch+ closet, or just get out of the house. Join our Facebook page to keep up with Identi-T programming online: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IdentitLV

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What is Identi-T?
Identi-T* at The Center provides transgender and gender non-conforming individuals from the Southern Nevada area a safe place to relate to their peers, seek guidance, exchange clothing, and expand their social circles. The program includes groups for the whole trans/gender diverse community, as well as separate groups for those identifying as transmasculine, transfeminine, non-binary, intersex, and seniors (50+). We host workshops on name/gender marker changes and gender-related body projects.

Join our Name and Gender Marker Change Workshops!
Name and Gender Marker Change Workshops: Every 2nd & 4th Fridays 3:30-5:30p
People interested in filing name and/or gender marker changes with the court, get changes to social security cards, drivers’ licenses, birth certificates and other documentation can get step-by-step assistance with forms, instructions, and fee waivers at the Center.

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Intersex Connect
Intersex Connect: Second Thursdays 6-7p also on Zoom
Group for people of any gender identity or sexual orientation who were born with any variety of natural body variations in hormones, chromosomes, or gonads that do not fall under institutionalized, binary definitions of male/female-sexed bodies. This is a space to share experiences, ask questions, find resources, and build community.

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Thursday Facebook Check-Ins
Check in with other folx in the community of how they are doing, what’s on their mind, and share some stories! Our page is open to the trans, genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, gender-nonconforming, intersex, and other gender diverse people and their loved ones of all ages to share experiences, ask questions, find resources, and build community.

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