About the Center Advocacy Network
Center Advocacy Network (CAN) is the victims of crime advocacy program of the The LGBTQIA+ Community Center of Southern Nevada (The Center). CAN has four components:

1) Volunteer Advocates that help call-in and walk-in LGBTQIA+ clients who are in crisis due to past or present trauma, as well as primary or secondary victims of crime who are needing supports and services.

2) Providing referrals, advocacy and support for our clients to navigate housing, shelter, food, medical, legal and social needs to relieve stress of crisis and/or trauma to empower them to build a stable foundation on which to recover.

3) The provision of training, technical assistance and support to community direct service providers to enhance their policies, procedures and practices to be LGBTQIA+ culturally competent.

4) Outreach into the community to raise awareness of the advocacy services and supports that CAN provides for individuals and for agencies looking to enhance their policies, procedures and practices.

We have created this hotline to ensure that our advocacy services are still accessible to our community during this time of high stress due to the global pandemic we are facing.

Become a Community Advocate
Victim advocates provide confidential and non-judgmental support, education, resources, & referrals to on and off campus entities following experiences of interpersonal violence. Aiding a client with filing a protection order, calling a social service on behalf of a client, helping a family member or partner of a victim/survivor find resources: these are examples of advocacy.

As a victim advocate you will be discussing options with a victim/survivor and providing information, referrals, and support to victims/survivors of interpersonal violence, and their loved ones. You will be essential in helping to empower someone to make decisions, take action, and move through a crisis.


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Las Vegas, NV 89101
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Lobby Hours:
Monday - Friday: 10AM - 7PM
Saturday/Sunday: Closed

Health Clinic Hours:
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Contact Us:
Center Phone: (702) 733-9800
24-Hour Toll-Free Crisis Hotline: (833)740-0500
24-Hour Local Crisis Hotline: (702)745-4600