Las Vegas Prime Timers

Las Vegas Prime Timers

This is an independent, peer-led group.

Las Vegas Prime Timers is a member chapter of Prime Timers World Wide. The goal of this club is to provide an atmosphere for mature men and their admirers to come together for friendship, support, and to enjoy social, educational, and recreational activities. They are the host chapter for the 2015 Worldwide Primetimers convention and also hold the annual Western Regional gathering in the first month of May. Our local chapter holds a monthly organizational meeting on the third Saturday of each month, plus several other events during the course of a month.

Las Vegas Prime Timers are mature-minded gay or bisexual men (and younger adult men who admire mature men.) Our members are men who choose to have their social lives enriched by the diverse activities in which our members engage. No single definition can describe Prime Timers, as they come from all walks of life.  Yet one the thing is true of all Prime Timers is to enjoy social  opportunities and friendships that develop with other Prime Timers throughout the world.

Our organization is emerging as a leading force in the gay and bisexual communities, and while we are not a political organization, we are concerned with society as it effects the aging gay and bisexual population. As our organization grows, we will be leading the pack in seeking answers to the needs and problems of maturing gay and bisexual men. It is hoped that soon a Prime Timers Chapter will be in every major metropolitan area in the world.

Feel free to drop-in and say hello! We have a variety of activities to meet our members, make new friends, and have fun. Come to our monthly socials, our bi-weekly dinners at surprisingly unique area restaurants, and more. With Prime Timers, you will find a rich community of interesting people that will enrich your life as well.