Petzing Perseverance Scholarship

Deadline Extended: Application submission by 11:59pm, 11/30/2020

If your application is selected as a finalist, you will be requested to attend a Zoom interview during December 1-15.

Notification of award (up to $3,000) by December 31, 2020

Research has shown that many disparities exist when it comes to LGBTQIA+ healthcare. This is glaringly apparent in the lack of LGBTQIA+ culturally competent healthcare professionals. The challenges that exist within the healthcare and social services systems require individuals that are dedicated to overcoming barriers and persevering through challenges in order to create a more equitable environments for everyone. By drawing upon personal strengths gained through struggles, these aspiring professionals can help dismantle systems of inequity. The Petzing Perseverance Scholarship helps address this by providing scholarships (up to $3,000) for LGBTQIA+ and allied people who are pursuing a career in healthcare or social services with the goal of wanting to work specifically helping the LGBTQIA+ community.


Must be 16-35 years old and pursuing an education and/or career in the fields of healthcare and/or social services

Should be able to clearly articulate (in writing and verbally) the issues, challenges, and life experiences that have been paramount in their lives and how they have personally taken responsibility and action to overcome them.  

Examples could include: addiction, sexual/mental abuse, coming out and transitioning, fighting cancer or another disease, homelessness, rehabilitation, incarceration, single parenting, rape and bullying, etc.

Submissions via the website.

Written essays can be submitted through The LGBTQ Center’s website.  In lieu of writing an essay, applicants can answer the essay portion via video.  If an applicant would like to submit the essay in video format they should still complete the application and indicate in the essay section of application that a video will be submitted. Applicant should then contact nmcnee@thecenterlv.org for video submission process. All materials must be received by 11/15/2020, 11:59pm to be considered.  If applicant is submitting something that cannot be submitted electronically, it must be at The Center by 7pm on 11/15/20.

Must provide 3 character references

Should be able to demonstrate how they are proactively trying to pave the way toward a better future for themselves and/or others

Currently involved at The LGBTQ Center of Nevada as a participant in activities, facilitator of programming/events, and/or volunteer.

Winner(s) agree to allow The LGBTQ Center of Nevada to use their name and photo in social media posts and/or other fundraising materials. 

Submission of an application does not guarantee a scholarship award.