The Center Responds to Trump Administration Rollbacks

Yesterday, the Dept of Health and Human Services under the Trump administration revised a rule eliminating protections against healthcare discrimination based on gender identity, defining sex as solely “determined by biology,” reversing federal protections for transgender, gender nonconforming, and intersex patients. In 2010, President Barack Obama had signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which, in part, prohibited discrimination in healthcare based on sex. In 2016, the Obama administration had interpreted sex discrimination to include discrimination based on a provider’s perception or opinion about a person’s gender assignment, identity or expression.

Fortunately, Nevada has state level protections against discrimination based on gender identity and expression, thanks to those who fought to pass SB 188,  signed by Governor Brian Sandoval in 2017, which added sexual orientation and gender identity to all Nevada statutes’ definitions of protected classes, including employment, housing, and public accommodations such as access to healthcare, gyms, public restrooms and other public services and spaces. Individual healthcare providers can also set their own protections for their gender-diverse patients. 

If you experience discrimination in Nevada, you can lodge a complaint with the Nevada Equal Rights Commission, to be assisted with investigating and holding organizations accountable. If you need assistance, or an  affirming space to decompress, feel safe, and connect with social, emotional, and economic resources, we are here for you. The Center will continue to fight for the rights of all members of the LGBTQIA2+ population in Southern Nevada and beyond, with a particular focus on any group under assault. 

Additionally, The Center’s Trans Resource Guide can be found online and at our Front Desk, and contains inclusive providers recommended by community members. Trans & Gender Diversity Programs at The Center will continue connecting individuals with inclusive resources and providers. You can help by sending recommendations of spaces and services that have demonstrated love and respect for our community. You can stick up for trans people in your life, when they aren’t there, and when you vote. Ask businesses including healthcare providers what trans-inclusive policies they have. You can push your work to cover trans healthcare, and to hire trans people. If you know of employment and housing opportunities, please let us know, so that we can share and support the trans community.

This attack from the Trump administration is not isolated. There have been so many attacks on vulnerable populations that it is difficult to keep up, threatening trans inclusion in emergency shelters, harming immigrant families, encouraging individuals to violence, enabling police brutality, attacks on women’s rights, and assaults on LGBTQIA2+ rights. It is an overwhelming onslaught. It’s also not new, and it is not going away soon. Breathe, take care of yourself, and keep working for good where you can. Pride month isn’t only a time to celebrate our freedoms and remember those who fought for them. It’s also an opportunity to channel the courage and the energy they had and win yet more victories.

There’s so much more to do in advocating for each other.

We can change things for the better.