Chasten Buttigieg Visits The LGBTQ Center in Las Vegas

The day that The Center entrance was vandalized with a homophonic slur spray painted on our doors, presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg and his husband Chasten reached out to The Center to express their support for the work that The Center does. While visiting Las Vegas, Chasten Buttigieg scheduled a visit at The Center where he was greeted by Board President Joe Oddo, Jr, and Executive Director John Waldron. 

Chasten was eager to grab a coffee from The Jolt Coffee Co, and then received a tour of the facilities, including the David Parks Lending Library, the Switch, the Event Hall, the Condom Closet. He briefly interrupted our Wize Womyn group where he met the attendees, took pictures, and left a written sentiment on our youth wall before taking a tour of the Wellness Clinic. Before leaving, he learned more about our Center Advocacy Network certification program.