Remembering Arlene Cooper

May 16, 2018

By Joseph Oddo Jr., Vice President, Board of Directors

Ama, Madre, Mom, Arlene. It is with great sadness that The Center announce the passing of our beloved Arlene Cooper. She passed this morning peacefully.

It is often said that in the LGBTQ community, we get the right to choose our family and Arlene made sure that no matter who you were, no matter how long you knew her that you had a mother in her.

The Center would not be The Center if it were not for Arlene. Her tireless work will be etched in our history forever. People who¬†recently met her don’t know that her work in the LGBTQ community began long before she came to The Center with Golden Rainbow. She volunteered for every LGBTQ organization in the valley…..because that’s how a mother shows her children she loves them.

She called us all her babies, thought of us as her children and thought of The Center as home. The home she wanted us to be was a place where even when she was gone would be a place that was open for all to find the loving arms of someone, who like her, loved unconditionally no matter who you are.

Arlene, you are our mother and tens of thousands will mourn the loss of our beloved southern belle, however; we thank you for all you have done and the smiles and love you imprinted on our hearts. We revere the mother you were to us all and to your own son, we thank the stars that your path crossed each and every one of ours when we needed that hug the most.

Rest in Peace and may you be shining your eternal light on us from above.