Patron Code of Conduct

The Center welcomes all residents and visitors of Las Vegas and Clark County and is dedicated to free and equal access to The Center’s information, facilities, and programs for our diverse community. The Center seeks to provide its patrons with a safe and pleasant community center experience in an atmosphere conducive to safety, organization, and fostering self-help and learning through the appropriate use of materials and services. The Center recognizes its unique position and responsibility to provide leadership and enlighten the community through the free sharing of its resources. With a commitment to community service as our highest priority, The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada has established these rules and regulations governing the use of its facilities, such that all persons may enjoy the benefits of The Center. Individuals visiting or using The Center’s facilities or services must comply with the following Patron Code of Conduct.To ensure access to The Center’s services and for the safety of all visitors, the following behaviors are prohibited on The Center’s property:

  1. Engaging in physical altercations including assaults and fighting.
  2. Displaying firearms or other deadly weapons on The Center’s property. Exemptions from this prohibition are recognized for Law Enforcement Officers as defined by NRS §179B.070.
  3. Engaging in acts of sexual misconduct, including indecent exposure (as determined by The Center’s staff), sexual contact and sexual intercourse and/or exhibiting lewd and lascivious acts and/or possession of sexual materials and/or using The Center’s computers to access sexual materials.
  4. Possession, distribution and/or suspected use of illegal drugs.
  5. Theft of or vandalism to The Center’s property, or the personal property of other patrons or staff.
  6. Using obscene, threatening or disrespectful language or gestures.
  7. Unreasonable use of restrooms, including smoking, using illegal drugs, soliciting, clogging plumbing or looking into an area designed to provide privacy to a person using the area.
  8. Improperly depositing bodily fluids on The Center’s property both inside and outside.
  9. Unauthorized presence in staff-designated areas and/or entering or remaining inside The Center’s facilities before or after posted hours of operation (unless you are a patron of Bronze Café). Use of the restroom facilities and / or the hallway water fountains when The Center is not operating is strictly prohibited.
  10. Exhibiting signs of being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  11. Leaving a child under 12 years of age unattended by a responsible person. Minor children visiting The Center are the responsibility of their parents or guardians. The Center does not serve in loco parentis. The Center cannot accept responsibility for the safety and supervision of minor children.
  12. Verbal or non verbal communications that harass others or that may be discriminatory or disrespectful in nature.
  13. Smoking tobacco products or using e-cigarettes or vape devices inside The Center’s facilities or within 35’ of the south and east entryways of the building.
  14. Fraudulent use of another patron’s identity for any purpose, including to reserve computers.
  15. Making any loud or unreasonable noise or other disturbance, including disruptive use of personal communications or entertainment devices.
  16. People, animals or property must not block aisles, doorways, stairways, or ramps. Large objects such as carts, bicycles and large luggage may not be brought into The Center’s facilities nor left at The Center’s entrance. The Center’s patrons must keep personal belongings with them at all times unless they can be stored and locked in a locker when available. The Center is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  17. Roller skates, scooters, skateboards, bicycles, or other similar devices must not be used inside The Center’s property. Bike racks are provided at the entrance to The Center for the purpose of keeping these devices out of the building. Basketball dribbling inside The Center is prohibited.
  18. The Center’s entrance areas shall be used exclusively for entering and exiting the building and as temporary waiting areas for The Center’s patrons. Blocking building entrance areas or interfering with the free flow of pedestrian traffic in such areas is prohibited.
  19. Eating food and consuming beverages inside The Center lobby from any food vendor source other than Bronze Café is confined to the table area of the lobby. Patrons are asked to clean up the area after they have eaten. The Bronze Café has designated areas for eating that it provides its patrons. Food from other vendors is also permitted outside on the tables in the courtyard area located at the main entrance. Patrons are asked to clean up the area after they have eaten. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited unless provided by a licensed caterer as a result of a private event scheduled and specially arranged in the Event Hall.
  20. Soliciting money, donations, signatures, cigarettes, drugs, and food on any part of The Center’s property including the courtyard and parking lot.
  21. Media or commercial photography or filming, without prior permission from The Center’s Administration.
  22. Though charging is permitted, all electronic devices must be kept in the presence of their owners. Items such as laptops, cellphones, tablets, and iPads shall not be left anywhere unattended. The Center assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen property.
  23. Emitting strong, pervasive odors that can be detected from six feet away–including odors caused by perfume or cologne–that unreasonably interfere with The Center’s user or staff comfort, safety, use, or peaceful enjoyment of the facilities.
  24. Clothing covering the upper and lower body of all persons is required in addition to shoes or other footwear.
  25. Refusing to leave the building or computer area as directed by staff during emergency evacuation.
  26. Using The Center’s restroom facilities for other than their intended purpose, including: loitering, bathing (except washing hands), shampooing, shaving, personal grooming, changing clothes, washing clothes or utensils.
  27. Manipulation of/interfering with The Center’s computers, Internet and/or print management systems.
  28. Adults using the children’s area without a child or need for children’s corner facilities.
  29. Selling merchandise inside the building, in the exterior courtyard area, or in the parking areas without prior permission from The Center.
  30. Sleeping, pretending to sleep, or lying on the floor or furniture.
  31. Failure to check out library materials before exiting The Center.
  32. Animals, other than disability service animals, are not permitted inside The Center’s facilities.
  33. Any person who is visibly and/or audibly ill i.e. excessive and disruptive coughing, sneezing, bleeding; etc. will be asked to leave The Center to obtain medical attention.
  34. Rummaging through trash areas, trash cans, smoking receptacles, as well as unauthorized entry within the locked trash area is expressly prohibited.
  35. Any person walking around Center property in a suspicious manner is subject to the direction of staff and possible removal by Center staff.

Trespassing: Individuals who interfere with The Center’s employees in the performance of their duties and/or who fail to follow any reasonable instruction by a staff member to correct inappropriate behavior will be subject to a suspension of service and/or exclusion from The Center’s property. Individuals refusing to leave after such request will be subject to arrest for trespassing and prosecution pursuant to NRS §207.200.

Illegal activity, as well as any willful or repeated violations of this Patron Code of Conduct or other posted Center regulations (e.g. computer use rules, Drop In Center rules), may result in removal from the facility and/or suspension of The Center’s privileges. In addition, where authorized by Federal, State or local law, violations of this Patron Code of Conduct may also result in arrest. For repeated violations, the length of suspension of service and/or exclusion from The Center’s property will be determined by The Center’s Administration. The Center’s Administration reserves the right to modify the length of a term for suspension of visitation privileges based on administrative review. The Center’s users who wish to request a reasonable modification of this Patron Code of Conduct because of a disability or health problem may contact The Center’s staff or may call the Director of Operations at 702-802-5400.

PERSONS entering The Center shall consent to STAFF Searching their PURSES, BAGS, PARCELS, BRIEFCASES AND OTHER PACKAGES for prohibited materials. Refusal to submit to a search when requested will result in the person’s immediate expulsion from The Center.

Approved by The Center’s Board of Directors on March 11, 2015.

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