Prescription for Protection: Increasing Access to Condoms

On Thursday February 9th in honor of National Condom Day and through a collaboration of community partners we will be presenting a learning session for pharmacists, providers, and interested community members to inform them of resources to help individuals access condoms through a prescription.

The learning session will detail what types of providers can write prescriptions, what a prescription may look like and how to fill a prescription when presented with one. This informational session will also include a presentation and demonstration on the different types of condoms and lubes available. The goal of this learning session is to increase condom access, awareness, and usage for the community.  Resources will be made available on how to access free condoms and a resource table will be available for all community partners.



Keynote Speaker:
Amanda Morgan, PhD, Associate Professor in Residence in the UNLV School of Public Health

Amanda Morgan, Ph.D, MPH joined the UNLV School of Public Health in 2011. She has been teaching full-time as a health educator, instructing students in sexuality education, public health, and sexual health. As part of the Social and Behavioral Department at the UNLV School of Public Health, Dr. Morgan is passionate about empowering people to make risk-aware health choices and help prevent the health disparities that we see today across some many Southern Nevada communities.

When: Thursday, 02/09/23

Time: 2:00 – 4:30PM

Where: The Center | 401 S. Maryland Pkwy.

Light refreshments will be served.

Register here: tinyurl.com/prescriptions-for-protection

This program is being provided by the following partners:  Consortium, HPG, SNHD, The Center.


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