Be a Volunteer


Interested in becoming a volunteer
in the LGBTQ community?

Since our inception in 1992, volunteers have been an important part of The Center, helping to provide social and health services to members of the Southern Nevada LGBTQ community. Our volunteers serve The Center in various capacities from answering phones and greeting guests to helping with the youth program. Throughout the year, our volunters also lend a helping hand at events such as Las Vegas Pride and The Center's annual Honorarium. We appreciate the help of these dedicated individuals who share their time and expertise with us.

Note: All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.

Volunteer Registration

Volunteer candidates must officially register by completing and submitting The Center's volunteer application and undergoing an initial interview and orientation with The Center's staff prior to placement.

The volunteer application, along with the following documents, will be housed in each volunteer's personnel file, to be kept at The Center:

  • Signed copy of ethics agreement
  • signed copy of alcohol and drug use statement
  • Signed copy of confidentiality form
  • Photocopy of picture identification
  • Resume (optional)

What The Center Needs from You

  • A good attitude
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Flexibility
  • Understanding
  • Compassion
  • Non-judgmental thinking
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Good communication skills

Drug-Free Workplace Policy

The Center has always maintained a strong commitment to providing a safe, efficient and productive work environment. The Center wishes to ensure the employees and volunteers perform their duties safely and efficiently in a manner that protects their interests and those of their coworkers. The Center also desires to promote efficiency in the workplace and to provide the highest quality services to its clients. In keeping this commitment, The Center has a strict policy regarding the inappropriate use and possession of drugs and alcohol. This policy recognizes that employee and volunteer involvement with alcohol and drugs can be extremely disruptive and harmful to the workplace. It can adversely affect the quality of work and performance of employees as well as pose serious safety and health risks to the user and others. Accordingly, THe Center requires that all employees and volunteers report to work fit to perform their duties and prohibits the use or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs. All employees and volunteers must adhere to the rules stated in this policy.

No employee or volunteer may use, possess, distribute or sell alcohol or any illegal drug while on The Center's property, while on duty, while on call, or while operating a vehicle that is owned or leased by The Center. In addition, no employee or volunteer may report to work or remain on duty or on call while under the influence of or impared by any illegal drug or alcohol. For purposes of this policy, a drug will be considered an "illegal drug" if its use is prohibited or restricted by law and an employee improperly uses or possesses the drug, regardless of whether such conduct constitutes an ill act or whether the employee or volunteer is criminally prosecurted and/or convicted for such conduct.

It is essential that all employees and volunteers comply fully with this policy.

Ethics Agreement Narrative

The standards presented here served as guidelines which The Center hopes will assist staff and volunteers in their continued goal towards professionalism. The primary purpose for a code of ethics is to guide professionals in helping clients, families and the community, while behaving in a fair and decent way to colleagues.

The issuing of this agreement is by no means intended to instill a sense of distrust but is instead meant to support and encourage the existing high level of sensitivity of staff and volunteers around the issues, concerns and well-being of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

The statements in the agreement address situations where professional relationships of unequal power exist, such as service provider and service recipient; supervisor and supervisee. The existance of a relationship or intimate relationship between a supervisor and supervisee can jeopardize the objectivity of the working relationship.

It is not the intent of the ethics agreement to prohibit the natural development of relationships among staff, paid or volunteer, through disciplinary action, but rather to provide creative arrangements that will make it possible for staff, paid or volunteer, to continue to provide effective and professional service delivery. Friendships among employees and volunteers are encouraged and contribute to the spirit of The Center and our common purpose of serving clients and community.

The demands placed upon us as service providers are in direct relation to the ever-growing needs of the community. In keeping with our commitment to provide the community with a safe and nurturing space, we realize our own need for a supportive working environment.

There will always be gray areas, situations in which the guidelines are simply not enough. It is then that we are called upon to utiliize our best judgment. Seeking additional support from either our supervisor or the Executive Director is encouraged by way of providing a safe environment for all concerned.

Volunteer Application

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Once received and reviewed, someone from The Center will be in touch.